Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Study

We have an opportunity for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome caregivers to take part in a study.

The study involves a Reflective Journey, which is about 6-7 exercises that will ask you to reflect on and tell your personal story living as a caregiver for a patient with this health condition. The average time to complete the exercises is 45-60 mins per day. We would need your participation for a total of 5 hours over the course of one week.  It also involves a 60 minute follow up telephone interview. If you qualify and complete both parts, you will receive a check for $450 as a reward!

Click on the link below to enter your information to qualify for the study:


If you have trouble with the link, please try it on a different device (try a laptop or computer if you are using a mobile device), or try a different browser.

The sponsor is especially looking for patients who were diagnosed with LGS at age 15 or later. If you know of any patients that fit that description whose caregivers would be interested in participating, let them know to contact us (wes.michael@rarepatientvoice.com). Not only may they be eligible to take part and earn $450 or more, but if they qualify and complete the study you would earn $50 for the referral.

Even if you don’t qualify for this study, you are invited to sign up to be invited to other studies throughout the year for which you may qualify. Go to:


You’ll earn a gift card just for signing up!

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